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2020 RNC Wrap-up: Immigration was a recurring theme, but no specifics announced

2020 RNC Wrap Up

2020 Republican National Convention Wrap-up

Trump touted progress on the border wall, but provided no specific policy updates or goals for the future.

President Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination on Thursday, August 27. Neither President Trump nor the 2020 Republican Party Platform announced any specific future policies or goals regarding immigration. Rather, the RNC highlighted the Trump Administration’s past actions regarding immigration, and criticized the Democratic Party’s stances; often mischaracterizing the facts.

While accepting the nomination, President Trump remarked, “We ended catch and release, stopped asylum fraud, took down human traffickers who prey on women and children, and we have deported 20,000 gang members and 500,000 criminal aliens. We have already built 300 miles of border wall, and we are adding 10 new miles every single week. The wall will soon be complete, and it is working beyond our wildest expectations.”

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But what exactly is the Republican Party’s plan for immigration? Since the Republican Party announced no future policies or goals in regards to immigration, we can only conclude that there may be a continuation of the immigration policies President Trump has enacted during his tenure. Those policies include:

  • Continuing construction of a wall on the southern border.
  • Continuing to issue Presidential Proclamations that impose travel and immigration bans.
  • Ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (i.e. DACA) and ultimately seeking the removal of DACA recipients.
  • Issuing administrative decisions and publishing Federal Regulations that continue to narrow eligibility for asylum.
  • Ending Temporary Protected Status and seeking the removal of those previously granted such status.
  • Continuing the Migrant Protection Protocols, which allows Customs and Border Protection officers to return non-Mexican asylum seekers to Mexico while their asylum applications are adjudicated by the Immigration Court.
  • Continuing the Trump Administration’s policy of seeking criminal prosecution of asylum seekers at the border.
  • Continuation and expansion of the Trump Administration’s policies that force asylum seekers to apply for asylum from “safe third countries,” which are often far from safe.
  • Continuation and expansion of family separation policies.

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